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Same Continent, Different City

Where I slept last night. No roommates.
Where I am sleeping tonight. Two roommates.
Where I wish I was sleeping tonight.

We arrived in Edinburgh at 7:30 this morning. We watched the city wake up. Such a treat!
We climbed cobblestone streets inhabited only by a few lorries making deliveries and shop windows promising delights to tantalize all five senses.
We followed James from Portugal, our Sandeman's tour guide, for three hours learning about the city past, present, and future. It's only 7 pm and Max is quite literally snoring. Will is lost in the world of wifi and I may just sit still with an e-book for a while.

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How does one turn on a shower?


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Easy! Pull the string, silly.

The three of us each tried to turn on the shower with no luck. I pulled the string suspended from the ceiling and the water came on.
Will said, "I thought that turned on the light."
"That's the switch outside the bathroom door," said Max.
All I know is that this morning is the first time in 4 days that my entire body's been wet at the same time and not from rain. Hallelujah for strings suspended from the ceiling. :)

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This one's for you, Paula F. And Jeri

French pedicure holding up nicely.
Italian heel...think peasant woman circa 1887.

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Tea with the Queen

Or at least at her house.

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