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On The Train Again

We waved so long to Edinburgh this morning on the 8:30 am train.
We switched to the 8:00 am train, yes, the 8:00 am train, at Belwick upon Tweed an hour into the ride. Rumor has it our train hit a cow, which took out the train signals. Two train loads of passengers became one.
Max said, "is this like an India train?"
I said, " yes, but without the odor."
We stood for an hour or so and even more people joined us at the various stops. We finally sat down as we drew closer to London and people began to reach their destinations. We made our connection to Brussels with three entire minutes to spare.

Here is our next home. It's not shiny and new but it's clean and quaint and we've all declared it absolutely perfect!
The entry to our apartment. We're in the "penthouse".
One of the things teenage boys do best. (They're watching "Dirty Jobs" with French subtitles.) What's a mom to do?
Four flights of narrow, skinny, somewhat creaky stairs. But the light breeze sneaking through the windows is refreshing.270_DDA939CC2219AC681750F8AC7EA27235.jpg
Even I have to duck for this one on the way up to the bedrooms.90_DDBD0CB32219AC6817958715F6D9C591.jpg

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A Quiet Day at "Home"

We slept in, ate eggs and toast and sliced apples for breakfast. We wandered around town for a while stopping for a Mitt Hamburger at a fries shop. Apparently French Fries were invented in Belgium. French refers to the cut and not their origin. The men in the shop didn't speak English, the only English in the shop was on the Coke can.
But, much to the embarrasment of Will and Max and the American woman (me) who knows only one language, we figured out our order. The boys thought it looked weird but they ate it. It was about an eight inch hoagie type roll piled high with lettuce, onion, tomato, two Patties of spiced meat, crispy French Fries, and a healthy squirt of spicy sauce the consistency of mayonnaise.
We later went grocery shopping, another minor adventure involving lots of smiles and mercis. Will prepared dinner- a spinach frittata. it was good.
Kitchen Staples 90_10CD6EB02219AC6817987F51E6EA500B.jpg

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Belgian Chocolate

We went to the nearby town of Mechelen. It looks just the same as in the article I read about it. This is the boys blocking your view of a beautiful bridge. The light was bizarre.180_42768BFE2219AC6817F4A4F77DED7A53.jpg
[The boys climbed the tower in Sint-Romboutstoren, 538 steps, I went to Coffee and Cake for, you guessed it...coffee and cake. 427EEF662219AC6817F91912EF6917F8.jpg
We started our day with lovely Belgian chocolate. It is rich and creamy and one piece really is enough. I really did say that, not that I ate just one.

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We spent the day in Brussels. We rode a train and went subteranean on the subway. We dined on waffles for an afternoon snack AB44FE892219AC6817C3D3180310D695.jpg
We visited one of Brussels most famous sites. AB518B462219AC6817040B4BFE1D89FC.jpg
He's the little peeing boy. Google for his story, his name is "Manneken Pis".

Auto World filled much of our afternoon

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Differences and Similarities

Max and I went to the grocery store while Will boiled noodles and set the table.
We wanted cake, a box to which we could add oil and eggs. We didn't find one but we did find a super inexpensive pound cake that the locals were buying. We decided to add strawberries and whipped cream. There were lots of strawberries yesterday but none today. We found ice cream but no pre-packaged whipped cream and insufficient tools for me to whip it at home. So we went with the ice cream. The packaging is in Flemish ( I think) and French, but the ice cream was obviously chocolate and muli-lingual.


Pleased with our purchases: ice cream, pound cake, eggs, bakery bread, water, apples, bananas, chicken, the boys new favorite...we're on vacation, how can I say no? 180_C4DBF5BE2219AC68174954CD34945472.jpg
And a jar of pasta sauce to add to Will's leftover spaghetti with homemade garlic pasta sauce and the freshly boiled noodles.
The table was set, a stack of toast staying warm under an improvised lid and the tummy-grumbling fragrance of garlic filling the small apartment. Max and I hurried to put away the groceries. Uh Oh... No freezer!?
We ate pound cake and ice cream for our main course and pasta for dessert.
Here is our tidy dining table with fresh flowers from the market.

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