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Went to the Ducati Factory and Museum. I have two very happy young men!

We dined like the locals, Al Fresco at 8pm. The food was divine!

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More Bologna

The day started at the train station making required reservations for our next journeys. That was a hot, arduous process. The key that i've discovered is to write down what I want. It is easier to decipher tidy notes than to muddle through conversation in a language with which you are unfamiliar. Ta Da!
The rest of the day we spent wandering around Bologna and eating Gelato and pizza. Off to Venice in an hour.

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An entire train load of people dumped into the train station and flooded down the steps to the Grand Canal. Hat vendors, shirt vendors, hot dog...no wait... pizza vendors everywhere. It felt like Disneyland without the ears, but wait. At yonder dock moored not one... But two Disney cruise ships. The boys were ready to get back on the train to our condo in the sky in Bologna.

Plan A - hop on the "bus" vaporetto #1and follow Rick Steve's Grand Canal Tour. Scuttled. The line looked too long-teenagers :)
Plan B - walk as quickly as we can to get ahead of the crowd. Scuttled. Vendors, vendors everywhere with not of Venice to see.
Return to Plan A.

The "bus" ride was perfect: It was long, the air was cool, and the "bus" almost empty by the time we reached the last stop. Best of all, We even learned a few tid bits about Venice on the way.

We followed our noses or my desire to see an empty alley. By evening many of the sightseers were gone and families with small children and men and women in fancy dress were strolling the streets. Next time I'll join that smaller, quieter, sweeter smelling crowd.

We saw the Doge's Palace-then toured it. We saw The Bridge of Sighs...and then walked through it.

We ate gelato, more than once. Polished off a pizza and declared the day a total success as we sat on the steps and watched the crazy taxi drivers maneuver the water of the Grand Canal in much the same fashion as taxi drivers seem to maneuver the streets every where.

Some photos from our day in Venice (remind me to tell you about the bathroom Nazis).
9277D2DA2219AC68178AE574243362C7.jpg927CAE1A2219AC68172BC1EB312AB20B.jpg928107A82219AC68174A103E77EC7876.jpg Google "Allison Lapper".

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Where Are We?

People come from all over the world to practice ancient forms of Tai Chi





The boys climbed. I photograghed the changing light.

Oh, and we got thrown off the train in Florence. Since it was where we were headed I didn't mind so much.

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Parma, Rome, Pompeii

I'm sitting in Heathrow at this very moment waiting for our final flight, the one that brings home. I could stay longer; the boys are ready to be home.
The last four days have been full of wandering historic sites, dripping in the heat and humidity, dripping in the afternoon rain showers, and being amazed by the sights, sounds, tastes, and occasionally the smells.

Friday was Parma. The home of Prosciutto ham. I had the Prosciutto and melon for lunch.
A sleepy town compared to many of the rest. We all thought this would be a place to visit again and stay a while. The streets host few map-wielding tourists, the gelato is perfect, and the cobbled streets beckon for a bouncy bike ride.
A few shots of Parma. A07873792219AC6817D1FF6136DEE446.jpgA07EC11B2219AC6817EEC2CF390B1F0B.jpg

Off to Roma after an evening of laundry, packing and hanging out on the balcony.
Rome was less overwhelming and more awe-inspiring than I expected. Our hotel had charm. No. Character? No. Ghetto, per Will. At least it was clean, I said.
We were MELTING in the humid heat and then we were soaked. The ubiquitous vendors switched in one rain drop from hawking sun hats, iced water, and parasols to chasing huddled tourists down to offer umbrellas and rain ponchos at a good price.

Sunday morning we made the pilgrimage to Pompeii. We left our hotel at about 5:00 am. Here is the st. Giovanni church around the corner. I love watching a city wake up!


Pompeii was brutally hot! But we missed the rain shower while we dined under patio umbrellas.

One must pass through Naples to and from Pompeii. Look where we ate. Hey, they had free wifi...

Here are some final pictures.
This is a staircase in the Vatican Museum.
Trevi Fountain.
Guido's drive to the Rome airport 268F90B72219AC6817D98FEED5D0D6C7.jpg
Next stop home sweet home.

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