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This is Croperdy

Myrtle Cottage may need me

semi-overcast 50 °F

This isn't Myrtle Cottage but it is representative of the architecture in the village.
Myrtle Cottage is only £315,000.
Stop! Don't do the conversion!

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WeVe been busy canal cruising out of range

Dinner on the boat.
The boys and Thomas David.
Chicken Slice = British Hot Pocket.

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Final photos from Thomas David and Back on the Train

Max makes a new friend. 180_325C781C2219AC6817B0F58578E180EE.jpg
Will 90_327228DE2219AC6817F301E7DAE99F5A.jpg
A view from the trainimage


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Captain's Log

Thomas David
Canal date: 6/14/13
We have reached the town of Napton in only 6 short hours of travel, we navigated their many tiny and rather annoying locks to moor for the night just past lock 16.
- skipper, Max

Canal date: 6/15/13
In our journeys through the oxford canal, we stumbled upon the thriving metropolis of fenny compton. The Wharf Inn is situated right next to the mooring posts on the canal, and makes for an easy walk. However, we found the innkeeper to be rather lacking in sustinence. So, we walked to the actual town of fenny compton where we found a "real" grocery store that was about the size of a 7/11, but their selection and prices were reasonable. We picked up supplies for dinner and got back on the boat.
Not too far after Fenny Compton, we hit a narrow stretch of canals that my first mate Will called the Amazons because of its lush greenery and murky water. About a mile after the Amazons, we found the first of 10 locks for Claydon before croperdy. We moored in Croperdy for the night after a jaunt through the town and a wonderfully flat pepsi at the Red Lion Inn. We also met 3 very nice elderly couples hailing from the towns of Perth and Melbourne, Australia.
- skipper, Max

Canal date: 6/16/13
We awoke early this morning from our tiny and coffin-like quarters to good weather. I awoke first and started Thomas after making sure he was ship-shape then joined the rest of the crew for breakfast. After breakfast and a shower, we moved down the canal to a water station where I filled up the water tank for our long journey. On our way back up the Claydon locks, we met some yanks from North Carolina and Florida who navigated the locks very slowly in comparison to me and Will's crazed/rabid dog technique that consisted of running between the two gates, and forcing the gates for open with gallons of water still behind them. We stopped for lunch in Fenny Compton ,after passing our new-found yankee comrades, for a delightful homemade Classic Burger with bacon and cheese for my self, a Breakfast Burger for Will, and a baked potato with "supposed" pork and beans for mom. Upon finishing lunch, the yanks showed up again to get supplies from the store like us. Unfortunately, Will was trapped in his wifi bubble for too long, so they hit the road ahead of us. This was not too much of a problem though, because little Thomas was surprisingly quick and we caught them in an hour. We pushed through the locks at Napton in about an hour and didn't moor until close to 10 pm for bed about a mile away from stockton.
-skipper, Max90_3FC5ECCA2219AC68175F827E374C6CF1.jpg

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Train station

Waiting for our next train.180_46C9CBCD2219AC68173117F5BCBBB490.jpg

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